Regency Romance

A Lady in Rogue’s Clothing (Asherton Family Values, #1) 

Available in paperback and eBook

Lady Frances, sister of the Duke of Asherton, has never been one to follow the rules of Society. This turns out to be an asset when her twin brother Edward, a spy for the Crown, goes missing. It’s imperative that Edward is thought to be alive – and Frances is the only one that that can convincingly play the part.

Gideon Sanders, second son of the Earl of Breakstone, has been friends with Edward and Frances ever since they were young children. He and Edward were partners on the continent, working together to help gather intelligence during the war. But then Edward is called away on a solo mission – leaving Gideon with a bad feeling. When it turns out that Edward is missing, Gideon comes home to England intent on finding his friend – and protecting Frances.

Working together, Frances and Gideon uncover betrayal and encounter danger in search of her missing brother. Frances has long harbored feelings for Gideon , feelings that she fears he doesn’t return. When Gideon proposes, saying he had promised to always protect her, it cements Frances’s fears. Can they overcome the past while fighting to protect England’s future? Find out in A Lady in Rogue’s Clothing.

Available now in both paperback and eBook!