Sleepy in Seattle

Heads up: This post is a mix of updates, writing tools, and Seattle history.

Well, my lovelies, do I have updates for you!  This was an incredibly productive week, and I have some exciting new things to share.  My Pinterest is now organized and full of inspiration for the Alice Chambers mysteries – if you take a look through, you’ll get a peek of who the major and minor players are, and perhaps a feel for what to expect from the series.

Part of my productivity comes from finding an extremely helpful writing tool called Novel Factory.  Considering that I had previously jotted down synopses and scene ideas manually (which takes FOREVER and tends to get lost/disorganized/unusable), this has greatly improved and streamlined my writing process already.  I also love how it helps me keep track of characters!  Here’s another little peek into what I’m working on (no spoilers!):


So, so much more to come…

If you’re a budding writer, I highly encourage you to check it out.  Writing 50,000+ words can be daunting, but this makes it a whole lot easier.

On to the Seattle history – the whole story of the Butler Hotel, the Rose Room, and Vic Meyers is fascinating.  The Rose Room was a popular place to go during Prohibition to drink and party, and it was such a poorly-kept secret that raids were practically a nightly affair.  The Butler Hotel isn’t a hotel anymore, but the building itself still exists, and looks much the same as it once was.

Vic Meyers himself is a fascinating character.  He didn’t agree with Prohibition, and didn’t bother trying to hide his disdain for it.  He was the first musician in Seattle to record an album, opened his own club, and later ran for political office as a joke – only to have a successful career in the Washington state government.

vic meyers

He wasn’t nearly as uptight as his publicity stills would lead you to believe.

In a way, the story of Vic Meyers and the Butler Hotel echoes why I’ve chosen to set the Alice Chambers novels in 1920’s Seattle.  There’s a strong independent streak there, one that doesn’t bend to what it views as unjust.  Once you get to know Alice, you’ll understand exactly why this is the only place and time where she would fit in.

Cheers, until next time!

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