Spring, Sprang, Sprung!

Spring!  Such a lovely time of year, full of blooming flowers, singing birds, and the inescapable itch to make progress – any progress.  There’s an energy to spring that drives us towards ticking off the to-do list, getting the dust out of the attic, finally finishing that project that was started in the summer and abandoned by fall and the onslaught of holiday obligations.

The coming of spring also signals the wrapping up of the courses I take, and the steady approach of the end of the school year – a light at the end of a tunnel filled with stress, deadlines, grading, communicable diseases, and the occasional life-affirming moment when you make a difference in a student’s life (generally followed by said student throwing something at a peer or such, because teenagers).

This coming summer won’t be a break at all for me – it is the final semester of my graduate degree, and I will be working odd jobs on the side – but it will allow for more time in my day to both read and write.  My spring-inspired itch to just MAKE PROGRESS is getting my brain cells jumping about Michael’s story, and I’m pleased with how it’s shaping up so far.

As I write, I find the plot of my novels stretching out before me in a vast web of potentialities.  There are some roads that I won’t go down, simply because I abhor those plot devices as a reader and would therefore struggle to write them.  But there are others that I am aware I love, while others might find abhorrent.

One of my biggest pet peeves, as a reader, is when the Big Misunderstanding could be handled with a 5 minute conversation, and the reasons that the mains don’t have said conversation aren’t terribly compelling.  That won’t make me rage-quit a book in disgust, however – but “forced seduction” absolutely will.

What are your pet peeves, as a reader?  What will make you slam down the book and stop reading?

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